Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My ex-husband is a lesbian

Not my ex-husband you understand (he does sleep with women but I don't think that makes him a lesbian) but someone found my blog by typing that exact phrase into a search engine somewhere. How they ended up at my blog is just beyond me, and there must be other confused people on t'internet especially when they've been looking for information on the following topics:
  • single parent chihuahua
  • Why did Michael Praed get divorced?
  • famous couples tall and fatty
  • mummy my willy
  • goat banks
  • how to tell when my chihuahua is about to deliver? 
  • poem one brown dog
  • cuddly colon
  • sod's law supermarket
  • big cilit
  • shoes with wifi
  • giraffe running
  • can I leave my 7 year old at home on their own? (my answer - NO!) 
There are also four topics - with more or less the same phrases used - that crop up time and time again, all looking for details about these subjects and they end up at these old blog posts.  I hope they come in useful to the people searching for the information.
What's the oddest way someone has found your blog?