Sunday, 7 November 2010

My daughters dish out some home truths...

The truth hurts.  I know this because this week my darling daughters have said these little snippets to me.

At the dinner table today:
The Teenager: You're looking much better now Mum, you've lost a lot of weight.
Me: Aww, thanks
The Teenager: Yeah, you're much nicer now as well 'cause you used to be really moody all the time.
Me: Really?
Tall Daughter: Yeah, and grumpy....and always shouting.
Me: Oh.

Driving home from school with Tall Daughter.
Tall Daughter: How old do I have to be to learn to drive Mum?
Me: Well, you can take lessons when you're 17.
TD: Good, I really want to learn so that I can take you to bingo.
Me: What? Bingo?  I don't go to bingo.
TD: No, but you'll be old when I learn to drive, and that's what old people do.

Talking with the Teenager about clothes.
Me:  I saw a lovely dress today in TKMaxx, I'm not sure whether to go back and buy it.
Teenager:  What was it like?
Me:  It was black - not something you'd wear for work though, I thought it'd be nice for going out, it was that type of dress.
The Teenager: For going out? So you'd never wear it then?

Whatever happened to the good old days when children were seen but not heard?   Bring back national service, that's what I say - and what was wrong with sending children up chimneys?  Happy days.