Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pyjama Woman

Every morning, on my way to work,  I drop Tall Daughter off at her school's Breakfast Club.  Almost everyday as we get close to the school car-park we pass another mum walking to the club with her son, who is in TD's class.  And every time we see them the mum is in her pyjamas.  Pink pyjamas (and not particularly nice ones) worn with trainers and since it got colder, a coat over the top of the whole classy ensemble.

This never fails to fascinate me, and I spend the rest of my drive to work wondering about Pyjama Woman and what she does with her day.  Does she work? If so, why isn't she dressed? Does she ever get dressed? Does she have several pair of pink pyjamas in the same scuzzy style or is that the same pair she wears everyday?  Will the pjs break out of the house one day and walk themselves to the school? Is she a test driver for a pyjama company?  Does she have no shame? 

Or am I a total loser with too much time on my hands? No, on second thoughts don't answer that....

Do you walk your children to school whilst wearing pjs? Go on, let me know if you do....I won't tell.