Sunday, 5 December 2010

Book reviews for Christmas

I've had a couple of books waiting for review and this might be a good time to do it, especially if you are looking for Christmas present ideas.

The first one is a beautifully illustrated book called Molly and the Night Monster.  Written by the awarding winning author Chris Wormell and published by Random House, it tells the night time tale of little Molly who hears a noise on the stairs and imagines it to be all sorts of awful monsters...until she gets a surprise. A gorgeous picture book for little ones.

Next up is something for the whole family, and the Teenager in particular liked this one.  Fun and Games for the 21st Century Family is written by Simon Rose and Steve Caplin, and is full of ideas of how to use modern technology for family fun.  We liked the mobile phone games, and the ideas for keeping kids occupied on long car journeys.  Any book that has over 200 ideas on how to keep the family entertained on rainy days or family get-togethers has got to be worth a try, and I didn't see any ideas that involved spending money.  There's also a very handy section on how to use different bits of technology, and a website to complement the book.

And finally, I couldn't resist including this little teaser for the forthcoming iPad picture book, the Heart and the Bottle written by Oliver Jeffers and read by Helena Bonham Carter . My daughters have both used iPads recently and they'd love to have one (dream on...), and we have also started using iPads at school and this book is a fantastic new way of encouraging children to read, listen and become inspired by books. Lovely.