Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas selection box

I have a couple of bits of pieces of information, let's see....

XBox Kinect
If you are considering buying this as a Christmas present - do it.  It's fantastic, and lives up to the hype.  We were lucky enough to try this out earlier this year and couldn't wait to go our hands on it when it was put on general release last month, and we love it.  From my point of view, as an old wrinkly, I could never get the hang of controllers on other games.  With the Kinect of course 'you are the controller' as the ad says and so it's so much easier and more enjoyable to use.  I'll write a longer review when we've tried out all of the games we have for it. Well worth buying in our opinion.

Hands First samples
I don't know about you but the skin on my hands is dry, chapped and sore, so I was very interested in this offer of free samples of  Hands First, a hand protection cream which claims to act like 'invisible gloves'. There are 50 sachet samples available - just send an email to periproducts@yahoo.co.uk to claim yours. Just tell them I sent you!

Just Giving Christmas gifts
Christmas is all about giving, and Just Giving have created a Facebook app which allows you to send Facebook gifts to friends and family  whilst at the same time donating £2 to a selected charity. There are a range of charities and personalised gifts to be chosen from including a virtual gift for the charity, Whizz-kids, dedicated to providing disabled children with the facilities they need.

You can see the gifts on their Facebook page - I think these are great. It's such a nice way of sending something a bit different and I'm going to be sending some to overseas friends instead of doing what I normally do: writing their Christmas cards out and then forgetting to send them until I've missed the 'last posting day'. I'm going to look so organised this year. *polishes halo*

And finally, a cautionary tale, on no account should you tell your child that you're going to have a shower and if the 'phone rings to take a message.  Today, as I got out of said shower I overheard Tall Daughter saying  "yeah, she's in the shower scrubbing her bum, can I take a message?" I'm considering grounding her for life.