Sunday, 12 December 2010

I believe in Father Christmas

I think this is going to be the last Christmas where Tall Daughter still believes.  Even though she is 11 she's still very young for her age and has a very sweet innocence about her, which in these cynical and streetwise times is really refreshing.  I have no intention of telling her the truth, as some friends have suggested, because I think in her heart of hearts she knows...but she still wants to believe, and this might be her last chance to do it.

The Teenager was also 11 when she asked me the question, and was crushed when I confirmed what she already knew.  She came back to me a bit later that day, all teary-eyed, and asked "but the tooth fairy is real isn't she?"

And soon, it will be my baby's turn to lose that beautiful, innocent charm. I'm already dreading the inevitable, and I'm sure my heart will break just a little bit when the time comes.  Until then, my sweet girl, believe ...