Thursday, 30 December 2010

My Resolutions for 2011

I know it's corny and most people either don't make resolutions or just don't stick to them, but I'm going to make mine public so that I am held to account by my bloggy friends.  So, you heard it here first - these are my resolutions for the new year.
You have no idea how much decluttering needs to be done in this house.   Really, every room needs a thorough going over to clear it of the things I don't need/don't want/never use/hang onto for a car-boot sale I'll never do.  This year they are going. All of the paperwork, books, clothes, bits and pieces that clutter up my life and mind are getting sorted out for good.

Healthy mind and body
After taking a break for Christmas, I'm going to restart the Big Momma Challenge (which may get a name change - any suggestions?) and continue on with my attempts to lose weight and become fitter and healthier.  This year I lost 21lbs doing it, but next year I'm going to crank it up a gear and really get on top of it.  And I'll be looking for companions to join me along the way - it's so much easier doing it with friends!

Spending less time online
Yeah, you read that correctly - I'm going to do Other Things, like read all of those new, unopened books on the bookshelves; sort out my lovely but overgrown garden; go to the cinema more often (a neglected pleasure); visit friends more often, and invite them here too; do more real-life things with my daughters before they grow up. I will also be doing some studying this year so this will mean managing my time more efficiently.  This is a biggie for me, I'm rubbish at time management.

Get a social life
Okay, this is the one that is going to be the biggest challenge for me. I hardly ever go out - really, I am the queen of excuses when it comes to turning down invitations. But it's very hard to find that confidence to do things when I'm so used to staying at home with my girls - but they're growing up fast and I can't hide at home forever can I? Can I?  So, I'm resolving to accept more invitations to do things and go out more often. Gulp.

So there you have it - my 2011 resolutions. I'm resisting the urge to delete the last one, because it's the one that scares me the most.

If you fancy joining me, post a link to your new year resolutions here, and that way we can keep check on one another. Go on, be brave....