Thursday, 2 December 2010

Turning 50: Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, it's my birthday - the BIG FIVE OH! I can't  believe I've reached half a century - it's just feels so old for someone who is still, essentially, juvenile. I still laugh at stupid jokes (What's brown and sticky? A stick.) And I still like to imagine myself as a bright young thing.  Expect I'm not bright or young anymore, just a thing...

Our trip to Milan at the weekend was fantastic.  We stayed with our good friends Marco (who blogs as the Funky Professor) and Paola and their two lovely daughters Rebecca and Blanca (who are roughly the same age as mine) and we had a really fun, relaxing time.

Tall Daughter was taught how to make fresh pasta and pizza by Paola, who is a fabulous cook, and The Teenager went shopping with Rebecca in some of the fantastic Milanese shops.  We went on a walking tour of the city, went to the top of the magnificent cathedral with views out to the mountains, visited two different art galleries, went out for ice-cream at 10.30pm (and the ice-cream shop was packed!), visited the Armani shop where I was told to stop taking photographs - oops! - and met a very charming man in a restaurant who, it later emerged, was a real-life member of the Mafia.

We had great fun, delicious food, and spent the time with some genuinely warm and wonderful people. And we all laughed. A lot.  That's pretty much a perfect weekend in my book.

Milan Cathedral

At the top of the cathedral
I loved this sign warning tourists to be careful on the sloping roof.

Some of the side dishes on offer at a restaurant
Tall Daughter making fresh tagliatelle....
...and homemade pizza!