Friday, 31 December 2010

What a year that was! 2010 in words and pictures


It snowed, a lot. Most schools in our area were closed for a week including mine. I saw John Mayer in concert for the second time. I lost my blogging mojo, but also revealed a deep, dark secret.

The month started off quietly enough until my daughters were traumatised, so the least said about this month the better.


This was the month I warned about the perils of leaving small children alone with pitbulls. I also asked if children can be born evil, which was one of my most visited blog posts of this year.

I asked how old children had to be to be left home alone, I started a new blog devoted to my greyhound Tessie. At the end of April my Dad finally lost his battle with cancer.


In the weeks after my Dad's death I realised how important blogging was to me; the wheels fell off my blog when I bought the domain name and I finally got a new bathroom installed! Yay!


This was the most amazing month! As part of our roles as Xbox Ambassadors we were invited to Los Angeles for the premiere of the Xbox Kinect and we had the most fantastic 5 days there. It wasn't just the fact we stayed in a fantastic hotel, attended the incredible premiere and were treated like VIPs for the whole trip, but the unexpected bonus was that we met the most incredible people and have made new, life-long friendships. An amazing experience!



After our fantastic trip to LA I had to face the reality of the photographs that started appearing on Facebook and accept that I was fatter than even I had realised. I had to do something about it and launched The Big Momma Challenge. By the end of November I'd lost 21lbs and become a lot fitter, and I'll be doing it again from January.


We went to Wales for our annual holiday for the 6th year running, back to the same farm cottage we always go to. And it was just perfect.

I hit a bit of a low point and talked about the downside of being a single parent, The Teenager asked some interesting questions and I was pleased to host the first guest post on my blog.

This month I wrote my most controversial post to date which turned out to the one of the most read posts of the year; I made plans for my 50th birthday celebrations and I tried online dating again for the last time.


I felt compelled to give instructions on how to replace the toilet roll; I decided that I was completely rubbish at relationships; I took part in the first of my Silent Sunday posts and we went to Milan to visit friends and celebrate my birthday.


It snowed, again, but this time I tried to see the positive side; I revealed my best and worst Christmas presents ever, and I made some resolutions for 2011.

Thank you for visiting today, and other any times you have stopped by - and Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you good health, happiness and lots of laughter x