Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dispatches from the chalkface: part 4

When you work in a school there are always lots of anecdotes about funny things that the children have said.  These are both real events, one of these happened to me, the other to a colleague and I thought they were both so funny.

Me, during an RE lesson looking at an image of a baby being Christened: Can anyone tell me what is happening here?
Michael: Yes, the baby is being christened.
Me: Well done. What happens during a christening?
Michael: The baby is taken into church to be sacrificed.


Colleague (not sure what the lesson was): What would you do if you found a dog that was lost?
Alexander (aged 9): Well, if it was me, I would take it home, clean it up, feed it and use it for drug smuggling.


And finally, something Tall Daughter said to me last week:
TD: I'd like to start dance lessons Mum, can you find out if there are any around?
Me: Okay, what sort of dance class are you thinking of?
TD: I don't mind. (pause) But I don't want to go to one of those classes that's been set up by a mad woman who's been dumped by her boyfriend and is angry with everyone.
Me:  What?