Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Big Momma Challenge 2011 ~ week 6

This week has been a bit better for me, I feel my focus has returned and I've got the long-term goal in sight again.  I've lost 1.5lbs this week, which is okay but even more important than that is the renewed emphasise on the need to get fit as well as losing the excess weight.

For the last week or so my asthma has been pretty bad and I've been wheezing and coughing and feeling quite tired because of it. I've been going to bed at 9pm and sleeping fitfully.  Then yesterday when I was leaning over the laundry basket sorting out the dirty washing my back just suddenly 'went'.  Why do we say that - where does it go? Anyway, the agony was immediate and I managed to hobble to my bedroom and lie down for a while.  Since then I've been taking painkillers and sitting with a heatpad on my lower back, which is where the pain is, trying to take it easy. Not always easy with two children and a dog who needs to be walked. 

The main problem is that my lower back is weak because of my weak abdominal muscles. I know that. I've know that for many years, eleven years to be exact. How can I be so precise? Because my already weak back was put under further strain when I was pregnant with Tall Daughter.....who's now 11, and I've done little to fix the problem. *Hangs head in shame* On top of the back pain and the asthma I also get knee pain undoubtedly due to carrying so much extra weight.

Every time I have a bout of back pain I vow to do something about it. See a physio, do some back strengthening exercise, etc...but as soon as the pain goes my plans go with it. 

It was The Teenager who made me realise how much my health was suffering.  This morning when I struggled to get downstairs and she made me a cup of tea, she said "Mum, there's always something wrong with you. You need to get fit."  I could really sense her feeling of concern but also frustration with me and I felt bad about it.

And of course she's right. I promise to make amends.

By the way, just in case - like me - you're looking for inspiration on maintaining your healthy eating challenge, you need look no further than this blog post by the Menopausal Old Bag (her description, not mine!). She's lost an incredible 6 stones (84lbs) in one year. That's right - in a year!  Read her account of why she did it and how her life has changed and prepare to dust off those walking shoes.

I hope you've had a good week - please leave a comment to let us know how you've got on. There's no Linky tool this week as the service I was using is now charging for use and since only a couple of people were leaving post links I'm not sure whether to pay for the service. 

Instead, please leave a link to any post in your comment and I'm sure we'll find you that way!