Friday, 25 February 2011

Dear So and So ~ stalking, cookery lessons and cartoon ties.

Dear So and So...

Dear darling Teenager,
Please do not come to me at 10.45pm on a Sunday to tell me that you have a food technology lesson on Monday morning and need a long list of ingredients, none of which we have in the cupboard.
Thanks so much,
Mum x

Dear Mr Headteacher,
After being on a training course with you this week can I just say that your constant stream of innuendo, corny jokes and hysterical laughter (for no apparent reason) was incredibly annoying after the first 30 minutes.  The fact that we all had to listen to you for TWO WHOLE DAYS was almost unbearable. You are not a stand-up comedian, I didn't think you were funny, I didn't want to have to look at your cartoon ties and I also don't want to hear your mobile ring tone of 'Sex Bomb' every ten minutes or so.
from someone who is thankfully not a colleague of yours.

Dear Moshi Monsters PR people,
For weeks now I've been receiving emails from not one, but three of you, so just to be clear about this: I AM NOT INTERESTED IN MOSHI FLIPPIN' MONSTERS, STOP STALKING ME!
an anti-Moshi Mum

Dear Readers,
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