Thursday, 3 March 2011

Book review for World Book Day: Frank and Teddy Make Friends

I love children's books. Long before I had my own children I'd already started a collection of beautifully illustrated storybooks to read to my future children and when my own girls came along reading a bedtime story was always a treat, not just for them but for me too.  Sitting with them on the bed, and calmly reading a story with the girls snuggled up beside me was never a chore and I still miss that daily slice of reading and quality snuggling.

Now that my girls are older I still get to read stories, but now I do it at work with the Reception class children. In the afternoons when they're getting a bit hyper and the noise level is threatening to drown out overhead air traffic getting the class together for a story is always a surefire way of getting them to calm down and just listen. I always, always try and make time for a story when I'm teaching the little 'uns and they never turn down the opportunity for storytime.

So when I received a copy of Frank and Teddy Make Friends by Louise Yates recently I couldn't wait to read it in class.

It's the story of Professor Frank Mouse who's very clever, very inventive and very lonely. Though he loves collecting, making and mending all sorts of things, shy Frank would love to have a friend to help him, so one day he makes Teddy! But Frank doesn’t realise that what he really needs is a true friend - someone to teach him that real friendship is all about sharing, and Teddy might be just the fellow to do it.

The children loved this, and they were so engrossed in the story you could have heard a pin drop. It is a lovely story and the theme of friendship meant we could have a chat about making our own friends, and what makes a real friend. Lovely, just lovely.

Frank and Teddy Make Friends is published by Random House and is available to buy from Amazon and other book retailers.