Wednesday, 23 March 2011

This is me

I've been tagged by the very lovely Nova from Cherished by Me in the This is Me meme.  There are some rules to abide by:

The Rules

Ask your child to draw a picture of you. It doesn’t matter how old they are…
Post the picture on your blog.
Call it the ‘This is Me Meme’.
Pop over to Tara’s post to add it to her linky too.
Then tag some others

I've seen this meme doing the rounds on the blogosphere and thought it looked like fun, so I asked Tall Daughter to draw a picture of me. 

She likes to draw so she set to it straightaway but when she'd finished it she was a little concerned.  She said "I'm not sure you'll be able to use this because people will be able to recognise you, and you're anonymous aren't you?"  Bless her.  Anyway, here is her version of me:

Notice the slight roundness on the belly area? Well, she's been very kind to me that's all I'm saying. The big spot on my face is a mole, and she's even drawn my precious Orla Kiely bag. So, now you know what I look like. Say hello if you see me at this year's Cybermummy!

I'm tagging the following people (apologies if you've already done it)

Have fun!