Sunday, 24 April 2011

Clues that my children are not babies anymore...

...the playhouse at the bottom of the garden has fallen into disrepair and is no longer filled with happy, giggly girls playing house,
...the garden swings were dismantled a couple of years ago,
...there's a bag of bath toys at the back of the airing cupboard that haven't been played with for a long, long time.
...CBeebies is a thing of the distant past and we don't do bedtime stories anymore
...I no longer choose their clothes (because I have no idea about fashion)
...I have to hide my razors and shaving foam from teenage thieves daughters
....boys have started to appear on the radar
...sometimes, at the weekends, the Teenager goes to bed later than me.
...the Teenager takes the same size shoe as me, baby girl is going to be at secondary school in September.
 ..I now know that the well-worn cliche about children growing up too fast is true.

Is it just me who dreads their children growing up?