Sunday, 22 May 2011

A canal, a greyhound and a careless owner

Tessie looking wet and bedraggled after falling into the canal

So, animal cruelty. Not something you'd want on your CV is it?

Me neither, but this weekend has been a complete disaster from a pet owner's point of view. Yesterday, when I was taking this photo for Silent Sunday my beloved greyhound Tessie fell into the canal.  Complete panic! It was really difficult to get her out - she's a big dog and it was hard to reach her from the canal bank - but she got out safely and although a little bedraggled and shamefaced, she was okay.

This morning we weren't as lucky. I got ready to take Tessie out for a walk, and as I closed the front door she yelped and jumped in pain. I'd closed the door on her tail and chopped about two inches of it clean off.

I immediately took her back into the house, blood pouring from the injured tail and rang the vets. I drove her straight there where they said they will have to operate on her tail, under general anaesthetic, and will need to amputate a further 2-3 inches due to the injury. 

The vet tried to reassure me by saying that greyhounds' tails are always getting injured due to their length and fragility, but I still felt so guilty.

I'm not ashamed to say I sobbed and sobbed in the vets consulting room. Tessie is a beautiful, gentle dog and I couldn't believe how easy it had been to injure her. I know it was an accident but it's still something I can't undo.

When I got home after leaving her at the vets - she'll be there overnight at least - the hallway looked like a crime scene. Blood everywhere. Up the walls, doors, splattered all over the carpet. But my only concern right now is my little friend Tessie.

Please keep your fingers crossed that she does okay during the operation and there are no long lasting problems. And that she forgives me.