Saturday, 21 May 2011

Family days out ~ Open Farm Sunday

Making the cheese
Not so long ago I had the opportunity, along with a five fellow bloggers, to visit a local creamery in Cheshire to see how cheese is made. 

We were invited by Joseph Heler Cheese to see how they have become the largest independent cheesemaker in the UK. It was a fascinating day and I learned a lot about how cheese is made, and how the creamery had started out as a small family-run dairy farm.

After being shown around the creamery and seeing the huge scale of the operation we were taken to a small workshop and were able to make our own.  A couple of weeks later a piece of the cheese we made popped through the letterbox at home, and even if I say so myself it was a good first attempt!

Now, I can't offer you a chance to make cheese but I have a very interesting alternative.

Open Farm Sunday (on 12th June) is an annual event now in its 6th year. It's organised by LEAF, a registered charity that assists farmers and producers to manage their farms as efficiently and sustainably as possible. 

Hundreds of farms will be opening up to the public, providing a great opportunity to spend a day out on a farm and getting back to nature.  LEAF are trying to encourage the public to get down onto their local farm to find out exactly where their food comes from (before it arrives on their dinner plate) and meet the farmers who produce it with such dedication and care.

It's a fantastic chance to have a look around a real working farm, and get this - it's free of charge!  Check here for a farm in your area taking part in the scheme.

Have fun!