Thursday, 23 June 2011

I'm off to Cybermummy!

It's Thursday night and tomorrow I'm travelling to London for the Cybermummy conference. I should be ironing and packing but instead I'm drinking organic cider. (I always like to mention the fact that it's organic, cos it sounds posher and less like I'm necking White Lightning from a plastic bottle.)

Anyway, I thought it might be an idea - seeing as I'm anonymous - to give you a few hints to help you recognise me at the big event.
  • I'm a scouser, although I don't say 'Calm down, calm down' very often;
  • I'm tall - 5' 9";
  • I'm rubenesque. That's posh for fat;
  • I tend to get very emotional, so if any of the speakers do a tear jerking speech I'll be sobbing into a tissue;
  • my daughters keep telling me that I laugh like a witch, so if you hear someone cackling it's me;
  • and who can forget the uncanny likeness my daughter captured in this picture?
And I'd like to mention that I wouldn't be going to Cybermummy were it not for my fabulous sponsor Kelloggs. They didn't even ask me to dress up as Tony the Tiger either, which was very kind of them.

I've been 'talking' to some bloggers for a few years now, and I'm really looking forward to meeting as many of them as possible. And I'm also looking forward to a weekend away from home, away from the normal everyday stuff and having a bit of fun 'me time'.

So if you're going to Cybermummy, please say hello. It'll be my first time (be gentle with me) and although I'm quite excited I'm also very nervous too. See you on the other side.