Friday, 1 July 2011

Dear So and So.....the Cybermummy edition

Dear Kellogg's,
thank you so much for sponsoring my Cybermummy trip. I had a fab time and loved meeting lots of bloggers I'd only ever met online. And can I just say how lovely your Kellogg's Team is? Really, genuinely nice people.
thanks again
a very grateful notSupermum
p.s. love your Cornflakes!

Dear other bloggers,
Just wanted to say how fantastic it was to meet so many of you at Cybermummy, especially the people I've become 'friends' with online over the past 3 years. And I met so many new people too, all of whom were absolutely lovely. Bloggers are so bloody nice!

Dear Sian, Susanna and Jennifer,
Wow! Cybermummy11 - that must have taken a helluva lot of organisation. Bravo!

Dear Me,
if you go to Cybermummy next year DO NOT take any freebies from those persuasive PR peeps. Even though you were being very selective ("No thanks, I don't have babies, only teenagers") you still managed to cart 3 packs of baby wipes, 2lbs of promotional material (yep, I weighed it when I got home) and several bottles of toiletries across London. Next year, just say no.

Dear Caroline Smailes,
Thank you so much for looking after Tall Daughter while I was gallivanting in that London. She had a great time, and I was able to relax knowing she was in safe hands. You're such a fab friend.
nSM xx

Dear Teenager,
You know I love how enterprising you are, but calling me at 8pm on the Friday evening before Cybermummy (while I was already in London) and suggesting that you and a group of your "sensible friends" could stay in our house over the weekend was not your best move. Thank you for staying put at your friend's parents house.
love you sweetie
Mum xxx

Dear Javier Bardem,
After seeing you in the film Eat Pray Love, I have decided to offer my services to you. Should you ever decide to leave the luscious Penelope Cruz I would be only too happy to comfort you. Oh yes.
a fan.

Dear So and So...