Friday, 19 August 2011

How to make your Teenager very, very angry

I'm a bit of an expert at making The Teenager angry (merely existing usually does it) but this time I surpassed myself. On the second day of our Gamescom trip she challenged me dance with her on Dance Central to the song 'Born this Way' by Lady Gaga.  I had a lot of fun but the crowning glory was that I got a higher score than her. Cue the Teenager storming off in a strop before returning to claim that she'd let me win. Yeah right. She just won't admit that I've got some good moves...

This lady was overdressed in
comparison to some of the others!
Our third and final day at Gamescom was fun, hectic and very tiring. But hey, someone has to do it!

We walked around all day looking at the new games being launched by all of the different developers although at one point we were stopped from wandering into one area because my girls were under 18. I was pleased that this particular company was careful to keep children away because of the game's violent content but it has to be said that some others were not as vigilant.  In one of the main halls we found ourselves in the company of several semi-naked women advertising various online games, and if I tell you that one woman was only wearing body paint and a smile then you catch my drift.

It was a relief to make our way back to the Xbox area, where I was confident that my girls wouldn't be exposed to any adult content and could play in safety. I suppose it's the same in life as it is online, children can accidentally find themselves in the wrong place. Keeping safe online can be an unknown area for some parents and that's where we can sometimes need a bit of help.

And that's something Xbox are very keen on and their Play Smart Play Safe website comes in very handy.  That's where you can find out more about the family settings and tips for teenagers on how to stay safe.

We had the most amazing time at Gamescom, and we'd like to say a huge thank you to Paul Fox from Xbox for making the trip possible, and the fabulous Kerry Jean Lister from Digital Outlook for being professional, friendly and well, just ace. Thanks guys.