Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dancing, geeks and family fun at Gamescom

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Our second day at Gamescom and today was press and media day. We got to look around before it was open to the public so we had access to some great games.
My girls at Gamescom today

When we arrived we entered the big hall where the different software companies had stands exhibiting their new games. But we were surprised as we were expecting the whole thing to be a little bit bigger until we looked at a map and realised we were only in one hall and there were about 10 of them altogether! Duh!

On the Xbox stand we got to play on Dance Central (probably our favourite!), Disney Adventures which I mentioned yesterday, Once Upon a Monster, Kinect Sports and Kinectmals.

We absolutely loved Dance Central 2 which is even more fun than the original. We got to meet and interview the developer of Dance Central, John Drake and my girls got to play on it with Chanel, the actual choreographer of all the dances. As John explained to us, they have improved in several ways the most impressive of which is voice commands. Instead of using hand controls - which we thought was fantastic on the first one! - you can now say "Xbox pause/slow down/repeat' and so on and it does it. Amazing. There is also a better 'Break it down' section where you can just choose the steps that are proving tricky instead of doing the whole thing again. John also told us that Lady Gaga is a big fan of Dance Central and that she was keen to have Born This Way as one of the new featured songs.

John Drake, developer of Dance Central
Tall Daughter and her friend playing on Disney Adventures
Disney Adventures is going to be a huge hit with children of all ages. It allows you to walk around a digital version of their famous theme parks with a choice of several rides or games to take part in. I talked about it on yesterday's blog post so I won't repeat myself, just to say it'll be released in time for Christmas 2011.

Tall Daughter and The Teenager playing on Once Upon a Monster

Once Upon a Monster (release date October 14th) is a Sesame Street themed game aimed at children aged 4-8. It's a non-competitive game set out in 30 minutes segments and the idea is to encourage co-operation, social skills and sharing, along with learning how to take care of the environment and, of course, having fun.  My daughters played a game where they had to help Elmo and the Cookie monster to pick up litter and put it in the correct bin. Great fun.

Read more about how to Play Smart Play Safe on the official Xbox website.