Monday, 19 September 2011

Living in organised chaos

So, it's September already. Soon it will be time for Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night then before you know it it'll be *whispers* Christmas.  Sorry.

I always feel very disorganised in September, particularly after the relaxing 6 week summer break before the new school term appears as though by surprise. It usually takes me until October to find a decent routine again, and until then I constantly have a feeling of panic and a vague idea that I've forgotten to do something. Which I usually have.

I wish I could be one of those people who sails through life with everything perfectly arranged and organised, with daily To-Do Lists all ticked off, meal plans sorted a week in advance and paperwork dealt with once and either filed or binned (instead of my ever -growing pile on the breakfast bar).

And now there's an extra reason for it to feel like organised chaos - we're going to be moving house next month.  I put my house up for sale in August and within 3 weeks it had been sold, quite unexpectedly, and bizarrely by the people whose house I will be buying. Yes, we're are going to be buying each other's houses!

So as well as being totally disorganised with all the usual stuff, I'm now trying to contend with mortgage comparisons, banks, solicitors, form-filling, packing boxes and bubblewrap.  I'm already bored of it all and just want to MOVE!

Keep your fingers crossed it all goes to plan.