Monday, 17 October 2011

Five things I won't be getting annoyed with anytime soon

It's been a long time since I've shared a house with another adult, and with the prospect of sharing a house with my younger brother not far away I wanted to note some of my *cough* observations.
  1. My brother feels the cold very easily and keeps putting the heating on when it's not even winter yet! He says I could survive in sub-zero temperatures if the temperature of my house is anything to go by, but basically it's much simpler than that - he's nesh* and I'm not. 
  2. He never answers the house phone. Ever. 
  3. He watches back to back episodes of Top Gear, Wheeler Dealers and Motorway Cops. Fortunately, when we move into the new house he'll have his own room to watch this sort of stuff.
  4. He doesn't appreciate the finer qualities of the greyhound. He doesn't understand how a dog renowned for its chasing instinct and speed spends most of the day asleep, and says he "doesn't see the point". 
  5. As he gets older he's starting to morph into our Dad. Same expressions, same strong opinions, same fog-horn voice.
But this is all good and I'm not complaining, honest.  Considering what I put up with the last time I shared a house with a man, this'll be easy.

And just in case you're wondering, I have no bad habits and don't do anything that could be called annoying. No, really.

*nesh is a good northern word, it means he gets cold easily.