Monday, 10 October 2011

The house move saga continues...

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After that terrible surveyors report I was worried that my house sale had fallen through, but luckily my buyers' were so keen on my house that they sent their builder 'round to check out the issues outlined in the report.  Thankfully, the builder was able to reassure them that they were buying a good, solid house and there were only a couple of minor issues that were easily resolved, so the house move is back on!

With a bit of luck and the wind in the right direction we're hoping to move during October half-term and the whole process is easier because there's no chain.

And the reason there's no chain? It's because the people who live in the house I'm buying are buying my house, so it's an exchange! How good is that?

We're really excited about the move, and the house we're moving to is perfect for the four of us. Yes, that's four of us: me, my two daughters younger brother.

It all came about after I'd been wanting to downsize and my brother (who is a merchant navy officer) had wanted to invest in property. After several attempts to find suitable properties we realised it made sense to invest in something together, particularly as we've all got on so well since he moved in with us last year. Well, I say 'moved in' but he's away at sea more often than he's home so it's more of a base for him.    The new house will accommodate us comfortably and will have plenty of storage space for his things. After all, his size 12 shoes need a room all of their own and his collection of Top Gear magazines are threatening to take over the living room.

I think it'll also be good for us to have some male company after so many years of an all-girl household, and the girls love having their Uncle around.

So in preparation for the move in 2 weeks time I'm currently busy decluttering, packing, poring over paint colour charts and reading interior design magazines. My brother, on the other hand, is busy watching re-runs of Top Gear.