Monday, 3 October 2011

House moving nightmare

The house move was going so well until last week when the buyers' surveyor came to look around my house. The report he sent to my buyers has got them (and me) worried as he has highlighted serious defects with damp, wall ties and the drains.

I was really shocked when I heard some of the details of the report as I'm not aware of any of these issues, although now I've noticed that the upper bay window has a slight gap between the wall and the window which I hadn't noticed before.  I'm worried about how much that will cost to remedy, as it will mean extra expense for me or, at worst, the buyers pulling out of the sale.

As far as the damp goes I don't know where he found it as I've not noticed any damp, and the drains have always been fine although the one next to the back door is full of leaves and needs clearing. The problem with the drains - according to the surveyor - is causing the driveway to sink, but personally I think the driveway is uneven because it's old and needs redoing.

The thing is, this is an older house and if you're buying an older house there will always be some wear and tear. It was built in the 1930s and has always been a very solid house, so to suddenly be told there are 'serious and progressive problems' with it is a bit upsetting.

So this week the buyers are sending their builder to check out the issues.

We're all so exciting about moving house, the new place is perfect for us but now I can feel things going slightly awry. We're so close to moving to our dream house, but now I can feel it slipping out of my grasp. I'm officially worried.