Sunday, 13 November 2011

Further attempts to save money ~ uSwitch

I'm always trying to save money and over the past couple of years as bills have increased along with everything else (except my wages) I feel like I'm on a crusade to claw back as much money as possible from these huge conglomerates taking my hard-earned dough.

One of the things I've done is to try and reduce the amount of petrol I use, so I changed from a people carrier to a smaller car and I also went along to a recent Shell event where I was taught how to drive more efficiently. Since that event I've increased my miles-per-gallon rating by 2.5 miles which might seem a small amount, but I see it as one in the eye for the petrol companies!

The other thing I do, on a regular basis, is to try and get my bills down by as much as possible. I have no loyalty to any particular bank when it comes to reducing my outgoings so I change credit cards regularly to take advantage of 0% balance transfer rates. It's easy to do, and means that my target of paying off and cutting up my credit card will come sooner rather than later.

Another big outgoing is gas and electric bills, and if the last couple of severe winters are anything to go by I need to get my winter fuel bills down without being completely cold and miserable, so when I want to compare energy prices I use the uSwitch website. And before you say it, yes this is a sponsored post, but I've been using uSwitch for years so I'm more than happy to recommend it to others.

If you have a look at the website you can check and compare all sorts of different tariffs for utility bills, insurance and credit cards. Go on, you'll thank me for it.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post