Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The one where the Teenager throws a party

Gueоrgui / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

The Teenager turned 15 at the weekend and of course she wanted to invite a group of friends over for her birthday. She usually invites a few girlfriends for a sleepover but this year she wanted to invite a mixed group of boys and girls for a party. Hmmm....

I suggested she should make a note of who she wanted to invite and then we could sort something out, however when her list of her 'closest' friends came to 25 we had a slight difference of opinion.

After a few days of tantrums and crying about how unfair life was (and that was just from me) she finally compromised - a word she was previously unfamiliar with - and reduced the numbers to a mere 14.  So, we drew up a shopping list and I outlined a few rules: I would be at home during the party, and they all had to leave before 11pm.

The big day arrived and I was quite nervous about it if I'm honest because even though I'd met quite a few of her friends individually I wasn't sure about having a teenage party in my (new) home or how they would all behave when they were in a group. I had visions of walls being spray painted and drunken teenagers puking all over the carpet. But, I'd promised a party and so I bought plenty of pizzas, hot-dogs, crisps and fizzy drinks and hoped for the best.

I needn't have worried.  They were a lovely group of friends and it was great to see them all enjoying themselves (and without alcohol too!).

As I was preparing the food one of the boys came into the kitchen and thanked me for inviting everyone to the house, and later on after all the food had been eaten (and my God, teenage boys can eat for England!) another boy thanked me for putting on so much food.

Towards the end of the evening two girls came into the kitchen to ask me for bin bags because (wait for it) they were all cleaning up the living room!  By the time they'd all gone the house was pretty much back to normal.  I was pretty impressed!

But apart from the noise - and it did get very noisy! - they were no trouble at all.

It was really reassuring to meet them because now I know who the Teenager is socialising with I'll feel much happier knowing she has such sensible, considerate friends.  She's made very good choices when it comes to her friends - I'm so proud of her.