Wednesday, 7 December 2011

More dispatches from the chalkface: Jesus, vegetables and venison

During a lesson with year 1 children, I read the story of the 3 wise men and how they brought gifts to the stable. The children were then asked to choose their own gift for the baby Jesus.
Lucas: I'd give him £50.
Me: Why would you give him that?
Lucas: (pointing to picture of Jesus in the manger) "so he could buy a new bed."

As part of a lesson I took a selection of vegetables into class and talked to the Year 1 children about them and how they were grown. The children then had to draw a vegetable and write something about it. One boy, James, said "I'm drawing a drip". The teaching assistant asked him what he meant and he repeated it "I'm drawing a drip...look, like that one!" - and pointed to a leek.

And it's not just the children. Recently when we were talking about recipes in the staffroom, a colleague was confused about what mutton and veal were until another colleague explained. Later, when someone mentioned venison she piped up: "Ah, I know what that is - it's meat from a snake!"