Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Christmas in tweets.

21st Dec: It's not a good sign when you agree with everything on The Grumpy Guide to Christmas is it?

12yo is in the kitchen making cupcakes. The Teenager is at another party, and the hound is asleep at my feet. Life is pretty good right now.

22nd Dec: POA for today: breakfast, walk hound, wrap presents, paint bedroom ready for decorator to wallpaper tomorrow. Better get a move on.

Worst thing about being a single parent: you don't get a present from your husband/partner. Best thing? You get to buy yourself a present.

23rd Dec: So glad I've done my food shopping, all the supermarkets will be like hell with the lid off today and tomorrow. 

I feel obliged to tidy the house. Damn servants taking Christmas off again. 

24th Dec: Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Is anyone else watching the lovely Nativity drama on BBC1?

 Awwww, that's so sweet. I really miss when my girls still believed. It really changes things. Enjoy their innocence x

 the Teenager is still sulking about the fact Santa isn't real, she says it ruined Christmas when she found out.

I think I'm going to have to lock myself in my bedroom and wrap the girls' presents, cos they won't go to bed until late tonight.

25th Dec: It's Chriiiiiiiiiiiistmaaaassssss! Merry Christmas everyone. My girls are still asleep, so sitting here having a quiet cuppa.

Bloody hell, my ex-husband has just rang and wished me a happy Christmas. 

Turkey's cooking, girls are at their grandparents, just talking to my cousin in Oz on Skype. A good day so far.

Absolutely stuffed after a lovely dinner, listened to Mickey Bubble's Christmas CD and had a quiz. Nearly time for pudding :-)

I want to watch The Gruffalo's Child but my daughter is insisting on watching a rerun of a Friends episode. 

Highlight of our day so far: daughter doing the worst ever charades mine for Harry Potter. Truly awful/hilarious.

26th Dec: Got an email wishing the notSupermum team all the best. Erm..that'll be me and the dog then?

Our real christmas tree hasn't shed any needles at all. NONE! Must just check that I didn't buy an artificial one by mistake.


Do you have any tweets that sum up your Christmas?