Sunday, 11 December 2011

A quiet weekend. Not.

I've just had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. Both of my girls were at away for the weekend, so it was the first time I'd had a free weekend for months. Now as you know, I'm not one for parties, staying up late or drinking too much but this weekend I managed to do all three and then some.

First of all, on Friday evening eight of my colleagues came over to my house for a belated birthday party/housewarming/early Christmas party. We had such a good time!

It was ostensibly a Cheese and Wine evening, but somehow it turned into a wild dancing party. Hey ho.

After everyone arrived I gave them a grand tour of the new house, then it was time for a quiz. Once they'd split into two teams (I was the quizmaster) they chose unspeakably rude team names which I can't bring myself to repeat on here but caused much hilarity when they had to shout it out before answering.

After that there was some dancing followed by more competitive dancing when we started using Dance Central on the Xbox Kinect - and let's just say, I've got some moves for an old bird :-)

Before I knew it, it was 2am and I'd had far too much to drink, but bloomin' heck we had fun.  It was almost worth the hangover I had on Saturday morning (and afternoon) *cough*

On Saturday night I travelled north to stay with two very good friends. I love going to visit them because not only is J the most fantastic cook but they're also terrific company and just the perfect hosts. AND their house is gorgeous. I felt so incredibly relaxed there, and really enjoyed seeing them both again.

So, now it's late on Sunday evening and I'm feeling pretty tired. But very, very happy and content. I really do have some fantastic friends.