Saturday, 14 January 2012

New house, new garden

We moved house right at the end of October, and today was the first day I had a proper root around in the garden.

This is a bigger house than the last one, but the garden is considerably smaller - which I prefer. And, as an added bonus, there are no lawns to mow! Mowing the lawn in the old house - with its front and back gardens - was my least favourite job and I had grown to loathe that particular chore.  So much so, that by the time the grass had been cut and I'd done a bit of tidying I didn't have any more time or enthusiasm for anything else.

This garden is mostly paved, gravelled or has wood chippings.  There's also a lovely little raised deck area with a working fountain.

There is quite a bit of structural planting, and a gorgeous bamboo plant next to the shed. Most of the other plants aren't in flower, but there's already one or two showing some colour.  I really like the small shrub with the tiny red flowers, does anyone know what it is?

We've only seen the garden in the autumn/winter so it'll be nice to see how the garden develops over the year.  I don't want to make any big changes until then, but there's quite a lot of pruning to be done and a very large, tall shrub was knocked over in the recent gales so that will be my first job.

My Green Man plaque is just propped up against the wall, along with some of my Dad's old gardening tools.  I've got a collection of terracotta pots and some metal tubs ready to be planted up, and I'm already looking at gardening websites and magazines to get some ideas for a smaller garden. Now, I need to go and find my old gardening books....