Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Recipe ~ Lorraine Pascale's chocolate fridge cake

I was recently given a copy of Lorraine Pascale's Home Cooking Made Easy, and so far I've tried out a couple of recipes and both of them have given fantastic results. She is my new favourite tv chef, and I'll be delving into the recipe book again soon -  but in the meantime let me share this quick and easy-peasy recipe with you. It's not the prettiest looking cake/biscuit you may have seen but, oh my, they taste wonderful! The whole thing takes about 20 minutes to prepare and cook before leaving to cool in the fridge. Couldn't be easier and a nice recipe to make with a child.

Makes 16 small squares
125g of butter
400g good quality milk or plain chocolate, grated or chopped (I used one large bar of Bournville, and a bar of Dairy Milk, which are both conveniently 200g each)
2 dollops of golden syrup
250g digestive biscuits (I thought this was a bit too much, I'll use about 200g next time)
135g bag of Maltesers
You'll need a 20cm (or thereabouts) square brownie tin and baking parchment/greaseproof paper

Line the tin with the baking parchment.
Put the butter in a large pan and melt slowly over a low heat.
Add the chocolate and golden syrup and allow to melt for a couple of minutes, stirring.
Take the pan off the heat and stir in the digestive biscuits and Maltesers until evenly mixed.

Tip the mixture into the brownie tin and flatten down evenly with a spoon or spatula.
Cover and place in the fridge for a couple of hours until it hardens.
When ready to serve, remove from the tin and cut into  about 16 even-sized squares.

They are very rich, but delicious and they won't last long!