Friday, 16 March 2012

Calm down, it's only a blog!

Totally irrelevant photo of tulips
Every now and again the parent blogging world teeters on the edge of implosion, usually due to a 'discussion' that gets out of hand and threatens the future of the western hemisphere. Or something like that.

Yesterday, I heard the first rumblings of something going on and thought nothing more of it. I tend to miss these things usually, but if I'm around when it all kicks off I try to keep my head down just in case I say the wrong thing (because saying the wrong thing is one of my particular skills).

But today I happened upon one of these 'discussions' that had me gasping in disbelief. It was all based around a newly published Top 20 parent bloggers on twitter, along with another Top 20 parent blogs.

The inclusion of certain bloggers' names on the list, and the omission of others, seemed to spark a very heated discussion about how these lists are collated and how accurate they are.  And when I say heated discussion, I mean it.

When I looked at the lists I noticed many very well-known, longstanding bloggers on there and a few newer names I wasn't familiar with. I was also chuffed to see the names of bloggers I consider to be friends, and pleased that they were listed. Seeing those well established names was no surprise to me, because they work bloody hard for their stats and I take my virtual hat off to them. The thing is, most successful blogs fare well because they are well written, topical, humorous, thought-provoking, or just a bloomin' good read. If people like your blog they will read it. If they don't like it, or you, they won't, irrespective of any rankings or lists.

I'm more of a lazy blogger, to be honest, I blog when it suits me and take a break when it doesn't.  If I made a bit more of an effort I might break into a sweat and we can't be having that can we?

In the four years since I started my blog, I like to think I've been relatively successful in attracting readers, followers and links with other bloggers. I've made some real, genuine friendships and yes, a little bit of income. My name wasn't on either of those Cisions lists and I never get nominated for the numerous blogging awards that happen throughout the year.  But seriously, it's ok. I'm okay.

You see, nobody died.
And here's the thing: I try not to take my blog too seriously and, unless you write a blog about curing cancer or solving third world debt, then neither should you. It's that simple.

*Dons tin hat and waits for fall-out*