Monday, 5 March 2012

Can a relationship work the second time around?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about going on a date with a man from my past and since then things have moved on. 

We've just spent the weekend together in the Cotswolds and really enjoyed each others company. 

In fact, the way the weekend turned out was a real surprise. After 8 years apart I wondered if there would be any awkwardness between us, or that we'd just find the spark had gone, plus I kept thinking about the warnings from other people not to revisit the past.  

All those years ago we both had difficult personal issues to contend with and in the end the relationship faltered because of them and this weekend we had some long and frank discussions about the past, and where we are with our lives now. I found it quite difficult to say what I felt needed to be said, but to his credit (and quite unexpectedly) he wanted it all out in the open and for all the unanswered questions to be asked again. 

On paper it shouldn't work between us. We have different opinions on so many things - including opposing political views - but we somehow manage to discuss them all without arguing.   In fact we spent a lot of time over the weekend talking, and laughing, and never seemed to run out of things to say. We spent a lot of time remembering things that we'd done together, places we'd been and his belief that the reason we were meeting up was because of a strong connection between us.

We're planning to see each other again soon, but there was one question we spent time thinking about:  can a relationship can work the second time around?

Do these situations ever really work out?