Saturday, 31 March 2012

HELP! Can you think of a new tagline?

I need a bit of help.

Yeah, not that sort of help but help with this blog. When I had this blog revamped last year I left off the old tagline which was 'Tales of an Unfit Mother'. I quite liked it, but because it had been inspired by my ex-husband calling me an unfit mother on more than one occasion I decided it had outstayed its welcome. He's also called me 'a dried-up old whore' (and various other insults) and I don't want to use those either.

So, I'm calling on all of my brilliantly witty blogging friends to help me find another one. Something witty, relevant and maybe mentioning single-parenting? But don't be restricted by that idea, I'm just looking for inspired genius! Simples.

Sadly, there isn't a prize for coming up with the winning tagline - just the satisfaction of knowing you've made my blogging world a better place.

Go on, have a go....