Wednesday, 21 March 2012

More dispatches from the chalkface: Joseph was a carpet-fitter

Looking at pictures of animals with reception class, the teacher holds up a picture of a walrus and asks: what's  this?  Harry puts hand up: "Miss, it's a vulva."

Just before Christmas, talking about the nativity I asked the Year 1 children if anyone knew what Joseph did for a living. "Yes Miss, he was a carpet fitter."

On Shrove Tuesday I asked the class if they knew why we ate pancakes. Tim: "Because they were Jesus' favourite breakfast?"

During a lesson about food I had a selection of fruit and veg and I wanted the Reception class children to tell me how they grew (on a bush, a tree, in the ground, etc.)  I held up a carrot - where does that grow? "Yes, in the ground, well done."
I held up an apple and told them that I'd picked this from my garden that morning "So what do I have in my garden?" David puts his hand up "An Adsa, Miss!"