Saturday, 24 March 2012

The small stuff

I read a brilliant blog post recently by the lovely Sandy Calico where she listed her 'small stuff'.  As Sandy explains:

"Sometimes we spend far too much of our precious time preoccupied with the big stuff. Of course this is important, but what really matters is the small stuff."

She's right. So here's a list of my small stuff, the little things in life that make me happy.

Venison. A glass of rioja. Organic cider. Kettle chips. Fresh orange juice first thing in the morning. Toast. Room temperature water. Scones with jam and clotted cream. Ikea meatballs.

John Lewis. Lattes. Leather gloves. Bookshops. A soft new scarf. The sensation of falling asleep. My bed. Early nights. Sleeping with the window open. A tidy bedroom.  Lying on the bed and chatting with Tall Daughter before she goes to sleep.

Walnut cake. Walnut whips. Chocolate covered peanuts. Toffee ice-cream. Whole nut chocolate. Anything with pecan nuts.

Cavalleria Rusticana. David Bowie. Thin Lizzy. African drumming. John Mayer. Singing along to Alicia Keys. Thinking I can sing like Alicia Keys. The Hounds of Love. When the Teenager borrows my CDs.

Neck rubs. Holding hands. Cuddling. Shiatsu massage. Clinique. Walking the dog in the sunshine. Greyhounds running at close range. Wildflowers.

Emerald green. Duck egg blue. The scent of old English roses. Blue irises. Tulips, any colour. Vanilla scented candles. Ghost perfume. Painted toe nails. Converse.

The sound of waves lapping on a shoreline. Sitting on a British beach. Walking barefoot. Irish accents. Hearing a baby laugh. Children singing in assembly. Driving in Ireland. Kinsale.

Warm spring days. Having the back doors open. Sitting in the garden. Pottering. A new magazine and a cup of tea. The clunk of the letter box that says the postman has just been. Handwritten letters. Parcels.

Scott and Bailey. Musicals. Gene Kelly. Watching old episodes of Friends. Home restoration programmes. George Clarke. Tester pots. Laura Ashley home department.  Cutting out photos from magazines and keeping them for inspiration. Funny fridge magnets.

Wearing linen in the summer. Orla Kiely. A new bar of soap. Hot showers. Weekends away. Laughter. Cushions. Reading a blog post that makes me think.