Monday, 12 March 2012

Sponsored video: Why Mums are special

I came late to motherhood.

I was almost 36 when I had my first baby, and nearly 39 when the second was born. I'd always known I wanted children but for many years thought I'd missed out on my chance to be a mum.

When my girls were little I used to love them calling me Mummy, and they were always wanting to sit on my knee, hold my hand, or have a cuddle.

Now they're older they don't want to do anything 'cheesy' as they like to put it. They talk about hairstyles, clothes and boys and play loud music in their messy bedrooms. They 'borrow' my toiletries and use me as an unpaid taxi-driver to here, there and everywhere.  Nowadays they only ever call me 'Mummy' if they know they're in trouble.

I'm 'Mum' now, and boy do they know how to wear the word out! Any hopes of having a quiet cuppa and reading a book, doing a bit of gardening or listening to the radio are cut short by shouts of "Mum!" usually followed by some demand for food or money or both.

But honestly? I wouldn't have it any other way.

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