Thursday, 22 March 2012

What's in your handbag?

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I read somewhere recently that the average woman will spend over 850 hours of her life looking for things in her handbag. That's the equivalent of around 114 days! Think of all the things you could do in that time that doesn't involve scratching around at the bottom of your bag.

Now, I like a nice handbag. And I do like them to be on the roomy side so I can carry all my junk essentials around with me, but if it means losing so much of my life because I can't find anything then I think I need to sort my bag out.

The essential things that I imagine all women carry around are things like our purses, mobile phones, hairbrushes, house keys.

But I also have other stuff such as three packets of tissues, school ID pass and whistle, cheque book, inhaler, pens, nail files, and reading glasses. All essential stuff I'm sure you'll agree and proof that I really do need a big handbag.

But delve deeper into the murkier depths of my bag and you'll find some, shall we say, less essential items lurking. Things like: my last 10 months payslips, a scarf with a spaghetti sauce stain, business cards from people I will never do business with, used tissues (ewww!), several receipts from various shops, a list of 'community' classes at the local school, somebody's phone number scribbled onto a piece of cardboard, an appointment card for the vets, post-it notes, a soup recipe torn from a magazine in the doctor's waiting room, a mangled cereal bar, 13p in loose change, a packet of sweeteners, a drawing from one of the children at school, and last but by no means least, a pink tutu. Yes, a pink tutu.

Tell me it's not just me. What do you have in your handbag?

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