Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why I'll never make money from giving parenting advice

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In the run-up to Mothers' Day, I thought I might pass on the benefit of my marvellous parenting skills. (Stop sniggering at the back).

I decided to rifle through my drawers, so to speak, and dust off some blog posts that will have you puzzling as to why I've been overlooked by the recent mother of the year awards.

First of all, as a mother of teenagers let me share my tips on how not to embarrass your teens. Impressed huh?

Occasionally I make an effort to read about how to be a Good Mother, and a couple of years ago I read a book called How to Talk to Your Children so They Will Listen (or something ambitious like that). Surprisingly there were no mentions of megaphones or blunt instruments being used, just talking for goodness sake. I tried it, here are the results.

As a mother I see one of my roles as preparing my daughters for adult life, and I like to think I'm well ahead with that. I even started a step-by-step guide to help my girls with this difficult household task. It was such a great success.

And dealing with difficult parenting situations? I can do that too, such as what to do when you daughter says she's seen a boy's willy, which I like to think I dealt with in text book style.

Basically, if you want parenting tips this should be your first port of call, if only to laugh at my efforts.

Happy Mothers' Day!