Thursday, 5 April 2012

Scrotum stuffed toy, and other ways to find my blog

I have to confess to being totally slightly obsessed with my blog stats. I check them at least once a day (I know, I need another hobby) and can identify my most regular visitors - hello Woking, Surrey! *waves* - and other more unusual ones (the Houses of Parliament being one of them).

Anyhoo, it's when looking at the stats that I get to see how people have arrived at my blog via their google searches., and these are some of the more..erm, shall we say, unusual ways people have found me.

First up I give you this one:

Scrotum stuffed toy eh? Why would you even be looking for one of those? No, actually, don't answer that. But note how my blog is destination number 7 on the google list for that one *proud face*.

How about this one then:

Oh, if only it were that simple! A quick visit to Tesco's for 2 kilos of sex please, and don't give me any of that fatty stuff. Ah yes.

Or this one, which is actually my favourite:

First of all, why would anybody search for that when my blog is totally devoid of photos of big tits, but - and this is what gets me -  how the hell did they know I am of ample bosoms? Answers on a postcard please

Oh google searches*, I do love you :-)

*other search engines are available...