Monday, 11 June 2012

Daddy I've fallen for a monster - what the hell sort of song is this?!

Driving home after picking up my two daughters, a song comes on Radio 2.  The song is called Black Heart, you might have heard it.

Tall Daughter says how much she likes this song, and at first I thought the singer had a great voice.

Then I started listening to the lyrics...

I don’t like it when you break me honey
why’d you have to do that?
tell me when you make these tears keep fallin’
do you feel like a man?

I start thinking, "What on earth is this song about?"...

figure figure, there’s no working you out whatsoever
only one way i could sum you up all together
you got a black heart
daddy i’ve fallen for a monster
somehow he’s scaring me to death
ah yes he is
he’s big and he’s bad
i love him like mad
mamma he’s the best i ever had
daddy i’ve fallen for a monster
he got a black heart

So, it's a song about a man who treats her really badly but she stills loves him? OMFG!!

I can't tell you how much I detest this infuriatingly catchy song! What are we telling our children - that's it's ok that he's a monster because she loves him? That abuse in relationships is somehow acceptable because this woman is singing a song about it? How ridiculous and totally irresponsible. And not for one minute do I think it's 'just a song' - it's a song with a message and it's completely the wrong message and one I don't want my 12 year old, impressionable daughter singing along to.

What next, a song about how rape isn't all that bad?

It's on the Radio 2 A list (why? Doesn't anyone check the lyrics of songs?) which means it gets played between 15 - 20 times a week, and no doubt other radio stations are playing it too.

And yes, I've already complained.