Thursday, 7 June 2012

My life as a slob

So far this month I've spent more than average on clothes. I don't like clothes shopping, it depresses me, but somehow I've managed to spend more than I normally do on a variety of nice tops. And for 'nice' read 'safe'. Safe because I don't really know what to buy anymore....I've got to a point where I have a wardrobe full of similar clothes, mostly unworn.

I'm now 51, and have fallen into the trap of always dressing for comfort. Always. Okay, maybe once a year I'll venture something out of my comfort zone (heels?) or I'll dress up a little, but other than that it's comfort all the way.

And not just comfort either. Truth is I've become a bit of a slob.

For work I try to be reasonably tidy and smart, but I have a set of clothes that get worn week in and week out, for practical reasons apart from anything else. And despite my best laid plans to always have my outfit ready the night before, I occasionally have to search for something in the morning that is a) clean, and b) doesn't need ironing. Not good.

And weekends? Ahh, yes, that's my relaxing time. And for 'relaxing' I mean of course, slobbing out. I usually grab something that's sort of clean and maybe not too wrinkly, because - hey - nobody's going to be looking at me going about my business at weekends are they? Right. Except when I'm in my finest slobby clothes - the really special ones with missing buttons and a drooping hem - that's when I meet people I know. Of course it is!

So today I looked through my bags of newly purchased clothes, hung them in the wardrobe and sorted my clothes into sections. Dresses (five in total, 3 of them unworn); trousers - too numerous to count, mostly black or dark colours; tops - way too many, and quite a few with the tags still on. Only one skirt, black again.

I also filled up two large bags full of clothes I haven't worn for years, and clothes that I really shouldn't be wearing. I put in my favourite baggy cardigans, trousers and tops that get worn at home and when I'm just 'nipping to the supermarket'. They've all gone to the local textile recycling bin, and not before time either. I wouldn't be surprised if they were rejected by the recycling centre and returned to me.

Putting outfits together is definitely my bĂȘte noire. There's no doubting that I have a lot of clothes, but not many outfits - and I wear the same things over and over again.  And finding new looks isn't easy either. There seems to be a huge amount of tunics and longer tops in the shops at the moment, which I imagine are meant to be worn with leggings, but I think there comes an age and a dress size (both of which apply to me) that should forbid the wearing of leggings - so where does that leave me?

I'm hoping to get some advice from some of my favourite fashion and style bloggers and have been busy sending emails asking for advice in the form of guest posts.  It's so easy to fall into a style rut, and I could do with some words of wisdom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

What's your best style tip?