Monday, 4 June 2012

Things the Queen has never said

Image credit: scaryduck

One fancies a fish-finger sandwich for tea.

OMG, one needs some new shoes but it's two weeks until payday.

It's not one's turn to unload the dishwasher!

Ugh, don't get me in the photo, one hates being photographed.

Do you think the band could play some AC/DC? They're one's favourite.

Oh bugger, the dress one wanted to wear is still in the wash.

Philip, just ring them up and say we can't make it to the Royal Variety performance because one has a headache.

Go and ask the neighbours to turn that bloody music down.

Do you think we can afford a new car?

We don't give nearly enough dinner parties, Philip.

There's too much month left at the end of the money.

One hasn't got a thing to wear.

One thinks Beatrice has the most exquisite taste in hats.

Right, one is taking a sickie.

One thinks Kate is a right porker.