Saturday, 14 July 2012

The new garden in summer

Well, the not-so-new garden would be a better description now as we've been in this house since the end of October last year.

Since the spring the garden has been thriving, due largely to the amount of rain we've had.

I can't take any credit, as I haven't changed anything. The only thing I've done is a bit of tidying and pruning as I'm still watching to see the seasonal changes in the garden. The only thing I've bought so far is a purple Veronica plant  bought for sentimental reasons as it was my lovely Mum's name. It hasn't been put into the border yet, but it will fill a spot near the patio area.
The climbing roses are looking a bit rain-worn but are still very pretty, and a small rose bush
that I thought had died has flowered in a pot.
The lavender smells glorious, and the fountain is working again. I love the old brick wall
between our garden and the old Georgian house behind.
The bamboo plant needs some pruning, the buddleia is in bloom and so is this lovely passionflower.
The patio area, where we've had limited chances to sit because of the bad weather.

There isn't a huge amount of colour in the garden, and what colour there is is quite subtle. The structural planting is mostly fine, although there are a couple of plants that do nothing for me so they will go come autumn/winter and be replaced with something else. Not sure what yet.

Do you like to see a lot of colour in a garden, or are your more interested in the structural planting?