Friday, 6 July 2012

The thing every dog owner already knows

Since we adopted Tessie 3 years ago she's been walked twice a day come rain or shine.

And every so often a health report is published that extols the virtues of owning a dog. I read one the other day that mentioned the health benefits of walking a dog, including lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system, lower cholesterol, increased cardio-vascular fitness and weight control. All of these things are true, but for me the biggest benefit of having Tessie has been reduced stress levels.

You see, dogs don't wait to be asked to go for a walk - they are pretty insistent about it, so there are no excuses and walking alongside Tessie has done wonders for my stress levels.  It's the quietness of the walks, the fresh air and the time to think things through if something is on my mind.

Of course it also helps that Tessie is a greyhound - they tend to be incredibly calm dogs - which makes it a very relaxing time.

It's also precious time to enjoy the seasons, chat to other dog owners and just enjoy the most simple of pleasures - walking.