Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sponsored post: Can you really have it all?

Being a single mum and trying to balance your life can be tricky, and you may be thinking: can I really have it all? Well, with a little planning and prioritising you can. This article highlights key ways to get on top of your life and take control. Follow the tips and you can strike a good balance between work, family life and love.

Make time for yourself

Life is a balancing act at the best of times, and as a single mum you might find this really tricky. Finding time to spend with your kids, working and relationships is hard, but you also want to make time for yourself.

It might be time at the gym, going for a drink with friends or just chilling out on your own at home, but however you like spending ‘me time’ make sure you make the time for it!

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Leave work at the office

This is the key to relaxing. Try not to bring work home with you, both literally and metaphorically. If you can get it done in the office do so, don’t think you’re going to be able to bring it home and spend time with your kids while you work, it just won’t happen. Once you leave the office that’s the time to switch out of work mode and into a relaxed state.

Prioritise family time

You already know this, but it’s really important to make family time a priority. Being a single mum is a balancing act, but you always want to put your children first. Reserve time to spend with them having fun, helping them with their homework or just sitting watching the TV.

Make the most of this time by turning off your phone when appropriate and making sure all your attention is on your kids.

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Using your circle of support

Family and friends are so important, and as a single mum they become even more vital. Lean on them for support, be it emotional or practical like babysitting or giving you a lift somewhere.

Friends are also good for helping you weigh up potential partners. Sites such as eHarmony are great for finding people, so when you have you should use your circle of friends to help set yourself up on a date.

Dating advice

You might not feel like you have time to date, but if you want to you should make the time. This one comes under the ‘making time for yourself’ banner, but you’ll want to follow a few guidelines when you do date.

First, it’s best to keep your kids out of it until you’re sure you’ve found someone who will be around for a while. Secondly, be honest and upfront about your situation. Thirdly, be picky, and fourthly, take your time. You can start discovering the real you by making steps to balance your life, so use this advice and start now!