Monday, 13 August 2012

Thinking aloud

Chocolate digestives are addictive.
No one ever ate just one chocolate digestive.
I need to stop buying chocolate digestives.
I also buy too many books.
If I were to read all of the unread books I own it would take me roughly 73 years.
I have made a start by reading 4 in the last week.
I always panic in the days before friends come to stay.
I will read approximately 3,710 recipes before deciding on the menu for my friends' dinner.
They'll come, we'll drink too much and I'll forget to serve pudding.
When I win the lottery I'll employ a chef.
There are 12 things on my summer To Do list.
Of the 12, I'll do 11 the day before term starts in September.
One thing will never get done.
I was very sceptical about the 2012 Olympics.
I loved every minute of the 2012 Olympics.
I hope the next generation of athletes is truly inspired.
There are some lovely cycle routes near our house.
My bike has a flat tyre and hasn't been out of the shed for months.
Tomorrow I'll pump up the tyres.
I might even go for a ride.