Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back to school with Tesco

We're been involved with Tesco's Back to School range for the past two years so were delighted to hear we'd be receiving another uniform bundle this year too.

A real indication of how much we like their uniform is that The Teenager asked if we would be getting their uniform this year because she really liked it, and she's incredibly fussy!

From my point of view it fits the main three criteria for choosing school uniforms: the quality is very good, the fit is good and it's great value for money.  And as most children outgrow their uniform so quickly I don't want to be spending a fortune on clothes that won't last very long.

We love the skirts and the easy-iron shirts, the Teenager is very impressed with her very stylish rain coat  and Tall Daughter likes her new shoes. The knee-length socks have been put into the girls' joint sock storage container their bedrooms - otherwise known as the Black Hole of School Socks - where they'll mysteriously disappear and I'll have to buy more within two weeks of the new term. Ho hum.

If you're quick you can exchange your Tesco club card vouchers for double points on uniform purchases until 4th September, plus this year Tesco have introduced a very handy uniform embroidery service which is easy to get your children's school involved with.

And finally, a plea from someone who works in a primary school......please please please label your children's clothes!! The number of children who come to school in unlabelled uniform is  just not funny. Teaching staff really don't recognise each individual child's items of clothing ("My Johnny has a big stain on the front of his must have seen it?") and it would save huge amounts of parents' and teachers' time if everything was labelled. And I mean everything....bags, coats, pumps, shirts...oh you get the idea. End of rant. As you were.

In case you hadn't noticed, this is a sponsored post.