Sunday, 9 September 2012

My week in pictures

It's been a busy week! This week I've been...


Tall Daughter has some Ikea storage boxes in her bedroom that she wanted to get rid of, but I thought she could use the storage for small items  and the rest of the rubbish  stuff cluttering her room.  We primed the boxes with white undercoat and then used the odds and sods of emulsion we had lying around.


I have a sewing machine but have only ever mastered straight lines. I had wanted to add some colour to the hall since we moved in, everything was white which felt a bit cold in the north-facing hallway. So I added some curtains with a dash of colour.


Yep, my new found hobby has kept me busy this week, and I've been buying some of my favourite plants for the garden.  I bought 3 hebes recently which have all been planted now, along with a lot of border clearing and then standing back and admiring my work.

But get this - a plant which is new to me. Cosmos Chocca Mocca is not only very pretty but it smells of chocolate. That's chocolate folks.....a plant that smells of chocolate. And isn't it a beauty?

And of course, in between all that it was the start of the new school term which meant I went back to work. 

What sort of week have you had?